Top 20+ Best Coding Apps for Kids and Teenagers [Free/ Paid]

Best Coding Apps for Kids

We have put together a list Top 20 best Coding Apps for Kids [Free/ Paid]. This coding apps are very simple to use and will have your young fellows learning to code even before they know how to read.

Best Coding Apps for Kids and Teenagers

The year 2020 open a new door in the digital world as a result of the global pandemic known as COVID 19. We left out kids at home for months. Even though the year was rough it actually opened a new door in Computer coding.

In this article, we have careful list out some the Best Coding Apps for Kids.

Computer coding has over the years transformed itself into a crucial part of childhood learning. As the saying goes ‘Catch them young’ So If you are a parent who is keen on strengthen the concepts of early coding on to your kids or teen, here are some great coding apps for Kids that can come to your rescue.

It will be better if we begin this article with basis knowledge of what Computer coding is all about.

What Computer Coding?

Computer coding simply means the use of computer programming languages to give computers and machines as set of instructions on what actions to perform. This is how we humans communicate with machines.

Coding Apps for Kids allows kids to create computer software like programs, operating systems, and mobile apps.

How Coding Apps help Kids?

You may be wondering right now how computer coding can be of help to your kids well the true is that it has a lot of reason. We can only mention a few.

  • All these apps lay emphasis on fundamental coding concepts like “if-then” statements, conditionals, loops and variables.
  • Coding or programming’s are skills that are quite useful in professional circumstances and even in every aspect of a young child’s future.
  • Mobile Apps which come with informative puzzles and riddles teach kids a host of “soft skills” including problem-solving abilities, resilience, dedication and presence of mind.

Below is the rundown of 20 best Coding Apps for Kids.

Best coding apps for kids between 3-15+

Hopster Coding Safari for Kids for iOS

Hopster Coding Safari for Kids for iOS
  • Platform: only iOS
  • Ages: 2 years old and older
  • Cost: Charge-Free (in-app purchases)

Hopster Coding Safari for Kids it is a unique coding app that you can download to teach children from the age of two and older the fundamentals of coding!

What your child will learn from Hopster Coding Safari:

  • The fundamentals of computational thinking
  • Foundations of coding
  • Problem solving
  • Planning

The game engage young children in computational thinking – the fundamental techniques needed to understand coding – without them realizing they are learning. It will also ignite their passion for puzzles and problem-solving – all while playing a fun game with animals.

Kodable App

  • Platform: only iOS
  • Ages: from 6 years and older
  • Cost: Basic version is Free, but Kodable Pro costs $6.99 a month

Kodable teaches kids to code at home or school using fun interactive games while providing teachers with a complete K-5 coding curriculum for the classroom.

In this app, the Fuzz family is noticed to have crash-landed on Smeeborg and has to explore the numerous mazes of their newfound planet. To help this stranded family get through each maze and gather coins, children have to make use of programming logic to drag and drop the right commands.

Osmo App

  • Platform: only iOS
  • Ages: from 5-10 years old
  • Cost: only $78

Osmo merges tactile exploration with innovative technology, actively engaging children in the learning process.

Osmo is an entirely unique game for kids. Here, instead of the drag-and-drop blocks on a device screen, children use physical blocks that are connected to the computer via the Osmo tablet. Is that not wonderful.

There is coding Awbie also, where kids make use of code blocks to guide a cute monster through challenges. Also available is Coding Jam where kids make use of code blocks to make catchy jams with samples and beats.

Algorithm City

Algorithm City
  • Platform: Available only Android
  • Ages: from age 5 and older
  • Cost: Free

The game is a fun and innovative coding game to teach the basics of programming and algorithm. It teaches coding with fun games with the animals. The players gain the basic concepts of coding, like command sequencing, functions and loops, by guiding the character by collecting golds and solving levels.

The game has a 3D style graphics; players can select an animal to represent their character. It is designed to teach the basic coding concepts, that are just perfect for young children to grasp. Kids will be able to learn command sequencing, as well as functions and loops, and lots more.

The major aim of this online game is to guide your chosen character by gathering golds and solving levels.

Lego Boost

Lego Boost
  • Platform: available on iOS & Android
  • Ages: from 7 years of age and older
  • Cost: Free

Lego Boost has over the years proven to be one of the best app out there. The mobile app that allows children to build various Lego models and go further to program them with code. Here, students can easily program the models to make cool sounds and even move with the use of the enabled drag and drop code.

Coding Games for Kids

Coding Games for Kids
  • Platform: Available on iOS and Android
  • Ages: kids 7 years and older
  • Cost: $30 per annum

Coding Games for Kids is specially designed for young kids and focuses on loops, simple sequences, functions, arrays, debugging, and coordinates. The coding game is an animated one and comes in a 2d layout with catchy colours and simple games that are focused on helping kids build individual skills.

Tynker App

Tynker app
  • Platform: available on iPad & Android tablet
  • Ages: between 6-10 years of age
  • Cost: between $1.99 to $95.99

Tynker app is an interactive learning allows kids to progress at their own pace and seamlessly transition to text languages such as JavaScript and Python. Perhaps best of all, these coding games for kids make the learning process fun and engaging. Children learn more when they’re having a good time and challenging themselves, and that’s exactly what our classes offer. They feature individualized learning, so the material is targeted to the child’s ability. 

Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues – Mystery Coding Game

Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues
  • Platform: available on iOS & Android
  • Ages: from 6-10 years of age
  • Cost: only $3.99

As a member of Nancy Drew’s de-TECH-tive crew, players choose disguises, find clues, and program their robot puppy to find the missing project at the Tech Fair. Through a full narrative story spanning six chapters, gameplay introduces kids to the foundational principles of coding in an engaging, fun and accessible manner.

Here, there are girlfriends that set out to solve a mystery with super cool costumes and a very interesting story. This one is designed to be more appealing for girls, and is a lot of fun!

Code Karts Pre-coding for kids

Code Karts Pre-coding for kids
  • Platform: Available on iOS and Android
  • Ages: between 3-5 years old
  • Cost: Free, but comes with a $1.99 upgrade

Code Karts introduces pre-coding to children from the age of 4 speed through a series of logical puzzles presented in the form of a raceway. What’s more, it teaches kids the fundamentals of code while they race! With over 70 levels, a variety of puzzling obstacles, and two different game modes, there’s no shortage of educational content for kids to enjoy.

Think and Learn: Code-a-Pillar

Think and Learn: Code-a-Pillar
  • Platform: Available on iOS and Android
  • Ages: From 3-6 years old
  • Cost: available for free ( Toy is optional)

Think and Learn is designed around a beautiful brightly coloured caterpillar that is so smart that it teaches very young kids sequencing through the drag and drop style. The app works great whether or not you use the accompanying Fisher-Price caterpillar toy.

However, the toy adds a more experimental and interactive form of play.

Lightbot App

Lightbot app
  • Platform: available on iOS & Android
  • Ages: from 4-13
  • Cost: only $2.99

Lightbot is an educational video game for learning software programming concepts, developed by Danny Yaroslavski. Lightbot has been played 7 million times, and is highly rated on iTunes and Google Play store. Lightbot is available as an online Flash game, and an application for Android and iOS mobile phones.

Daisy the Dinosaur

Daisy the Dinosaur
  • Platform: Available on iPad
  • Ages: between 5-7 years old
  • Cost: Free

All you have to do here is to make the cute Daisy the dinosaur do some moves, jump, and dance with the featured drag and drop commands. Here, Daisy the Dinosaur teaches you basic coding concepts such as sequencing and conditionals in a fun little challenge.

Scratch JR App

Scratch JR
  • Platform: Available on: Android
  • Age : 4 – 6
  • Installs-8,428
  • Size-25M
  • Cost: Free and Paid

Scratch Foundation unveiled the iOS version of the Scratch JR free app which can be also be downloaded from the Google PlayStore.


  •       Characters can be modified accordingly
  •       Learn to solve problems and design projects
  •       Develop sequencing skills

Codespark Academy

Codespark Academy

CodeSpark Academy is the most used home coding program for kids 5-9! Our award-winning app has introduced over 30 million kids in 190 countries to the ABCs of computer science and our lovable coding characters, the Foos. This app is highly recommended for your kids as it one of the best in market.

  • Platform: Available on AndroidiOS
  • Ages: between 4-7 years old
  • Cost: Free & Paid Version

Move the Turtle

Move the Turtle
  • Platform: Available on iOS
  • Ages: between 9-11 years old
  • Cost: Free & Paid Version

Move the Turtle is an excellent app that teaches kids the basics of computer coding and programming with their iPhone compatible app.

The major aim of the app just as the name implies (Move the Turtle) is to prompt the players to move the turtle across the screen of their devices by following certain instructions that are given out by the app. There is A COMPOSE mode where the kids is free to design their own programmes and coding, This can be saved and shared with others.

We found that Move the Turtle app had a large amount of content that some younger students may need help early on with instructions and procedures in their coding journey. We recommend the app to both teacher and wards.

Sphero Edu

Sphero Edu
  • Platform: Available on Android, iOS
  • Ages: between 4-13 years old
  • Cost: Free & Paid Version

Sphero Edu is educational hub created with kids in mind. Go beyond code by incorporating unique STEAM activities to complete with your bot.

This app is compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones.

The app is designed for for makers, learners, educators, and parents. Join the growing community and share your creations to inspire and be inspired.


  • PROGRAMS: Program your bots in 3 ways with Draw, Block, and Text modes. Start with the basics and grow.
  • SENSOR DATA: See location, accelerometer, gyroscope, velocity, and distance sensor data through visual graphs.
  • ACTIVITIES: Program a painting. Navigate a maze. Mimic the solar system. The only limit is your imagination.
  • TAKE A DRIVE: Need a brain break? Set LED colors on your robot and zoom around in Drive mode.
  • ASSIGNMENTS: Are you a teacher? Monitor progress by creating and assigning activities to students.
  • INTEGRATIONS: Simplify classroom use by signing in and syncing classrooms with Google and Clever accounts.
  • COMMUNITY: Create an account, share your programs, and learn together with other creative coders.


Supported Robots: Sphero RVR, Sphero BOLT, Sphero SPRK+, Sphero SPRK Edition, Sphero 2.0, Sphero Mini, Ollie, BB-8, BB-9E, R2-D2, R2-Q5

Unsupported Robots: Sphero Original, Force Band, Lightning McQueen, Spider-Man

uKit EDU

uKit EDU
  • Platform: Available on Android
  • Ages: between 4-13 years old
  • Cost: Free & Paid Version

uKit EDU is an educational software of robot building, coding and controlling which targets to kids and teenagers. uKit EDU should be used with uKit hardware including main control box, servo, sensors and bricks; through official curriculums, kids can develop various types of models, and utilize different tools including graphic programming, Pose-Record-Play and remote controller to complete their programming design.

This is how uKit EDU establishes a logic thinking of space structure and coding to children, and assist their AI study in the future.

Robot School programming (PAID)

 Robot School programming
  • Platform: Available on iOS
  • Ages: between 9+
  • Cost: Paid Version

Robot School programming is a cool educational app for kids to help them learn to face challenges through solving programming elements, including loop functions in languages such as BASIC and Java.

This app introduces coding logic across 45 levels.

Key Features

  • Unlock new powers after completing each level
  • Easy Drag and drop instructions to control
  • 45 levels to help children learn programming logic

Programming for Kids

Programming for Kids
  • Platform: Available on Android
  • Ages: between 9+
  • Cost: FREE & Paid Version

Sharpen your logic and elevate your problem-solving skills with this brain-challenging games. Carefully designed with child-friendly puzzles structured in 3 basic programming categories which guarantee hours of mind-teasing entertainment. If you are seeking the best coding apps for kids we highly recommended this.

Key Features

  • Recognize patterns to complete all levels.
  • Discover the right actions needed to solve each level.
  • Order actions in a logical sequence.

Grasshopper App

  • Platform: Available on Android
  • Ages: for 15 years and older
  • Cost: Free & Paid Version

Grasshopper App is the coding app for beginners. It is one of the Best Coding Apps for Kids. The app is created by the giant Google,  We will highly recommend this for you as is the best way start your coding adventure with fun and quick games. It teaches you to write real JavaScript. Yes we actually keep the best for last.

The app has challenging levels to develop your kids abilities thus graduating your wards with fundamental programming skills.

It uses industry-standard JavaScript with just a few taps on your phone. 

Key Features

  • Visual puzzles develop your problem-solving skills and solidify coding concepts
  •  Real-time feedback guides you like a teacher
  • Use industry-standard JavaScript with just a few taps on your phone


This is how far we can go on best Coding Apps for Kids for now guys as this list will be update from time to time and we advise that you BOOKMARK THIS PAGE so you can check some of the best coding apps for children that you may find useful.

Remember the best time to equipped your kids when they are young so that they will have knowledge to thrive in the modern workplace.

Who knows, the next Bill gate may just be from your generation. Empower your kids today.

Let us know what you think about this Top 20+ Best Coding Apps for Kids and Teenagers and if you feel any other one should make this list. The comment sections are open. Do not worry we will reply you.

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