Can PR Work 2 Jobs?

Can PR Work 2 Jobs

They advise you to hustle and grind. Even if happiness and intangible things should be sought after, you can’t actually get by on just such things. To cover your expenses and purchase the necessities, you’ll need money.

Can PR Work 2 Jobs

Sometimes it’s difficult to get by with only one job. To make extra money, you can decide to take on two jobs. But, if you are an immigrant, you might be concerned about the legal ramifications of this approach. Hence, the crucial query is: Is it possible to hold two jobs in Singapore?

How does moonlighting work

The phrase “moonlighting” refers to the practice of working multiple jobs. In addition to your primary job, you might work for another organization or be self-employed. Your second employment could be either a part-time or another full-time position.
Singapore is a terrific place to live and a great place to raise a family, but living there is not inexpensive. One of the most costly places to live has been cited as Singapore.

So, it is not shocking that many Singaporeans are admitting to having additional employment. The primary motives for working a second job are:

  • to be able to pay for living expenses
  • to accrue savings
  • to provide for the family
  • to determine potential careers

Is it legal to moonlight?

Conflicts of interest and corruption are prevented by doing this. Nonetheless, you can submit an appeal and ask for clearance if you genuinely want to get a second job. But this is merely on a case-by-case basis.

The company you work for may also place limitations on your ability to have two jobs. The majority of employers dislike doing second jobs. If there is no conflict of interest with your current employer and your employment agreement does not forbid it, then you may apply for another position.

You now have it. You are legally allowed to work two jobs in Singapore if you are a permanent resident. That is legal as long as you are not collaborating with the government. Before you apply for a second job, confirm that you have clearance from the one you already hold.

If you are a Singaporean citizen, you are not concerned about whether it is lawful for you to work two jobs, but immigrants are. The short answer to the question of whether PR can hold two jobs is yes.

The law in Singapore does not prohibit moonlighting. However, some limitations depending on your line of work. You are not permitted to hold a second job in addition to your position as a public or civil servant or as an employee of an organization with ties to the government.

And keep in mind that you ought to be able to handle both duties at both jobs. Your full-time job cannot be impacted by your part-time work. It is crucial that you have PR experience. A PR is distinct from a simple work permit. If you violate the law, you will face sanctions.

Yes, in general, a PR can work two jobs in Singapore as you will have largely similar rights as a full Singaporean citizen. Let us explain more below.

FAQ on Can PR Work 2 Jobs?

Is it legal to moonlight and what does it entail?

Moonlighting is the practice of working a full-time job while also looking for a second job at a different company or part-time concurrent employment.

If you are a permanent resident of Singapore, your ability to work two jobs for separate companies will rely on the terms of your existing business employment contract at your present position.

Are you a member of the public service branch?

They will nearly always forbid you from working a second job or moonlighting if you are a public or civil servant in Singapore, which means that you are employed by an establishment that is connected to the Singapore government.

Both citizens and PRs fall under this category.

What if you require the extra money as a salary supplement?

If you are a public service employee who wants a second job or part-time work in addition to your full-time employment to supplement your income, you may be able to get Ministry of Manpower clearance based on your personal situation. On an individual basis, it’s possible that a second part-time employment will occasionally be granted.

Do you currently have a position in a private company?

It depends on the conditions of your employment contract with your current employer if you are employed full-time by a private company, which many people are. There is no set regulation in this regard, and it is largely a private affair between you and the business.

A permanent resident is typically permitted as long as there is no conflict of interest between the two enterprises or career alternatives, however work permit, work pass, or S pass holders typically cannot. If you attempt to moonlight in the same field, conflicts can arise.

Difference between a pass holder and a PR

The main distinction between individuals with permanent residence and those with any type of employment pass is that the former can remain in the country indefinitely, regardless of whether they are employed or not, can easily change occupations, and can perform multiple jobs, subject to the aforementioned caveats. The latter, however, is nearly always prohibited from accepting any jobs other than the ones that their pass permits.

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