Don’t Worry Darling: The Cast Drama With Olivia Wilde

Don't Worry Darling

Don’t Worry Darling is sending the internet wild, for all sorts of reasons. Some people are accusing Harry Styles of spitting on a co-star.

Don’t Worry Darling, the upcoming movie by acclaimed Booksmart director Olivia Wilde made its debut at the Venice Film Festival on Monday.

It’s a movie making headlines for all the wrong reasons. A movie mired in controversy, with rumours of bitter on-set rifts between Wilde and the movie’s star Florence Pugh. But before we delve into that, here’s everything you need to know about the movie itself.

What is Don’t Worry Darling about? 

Don’t Worry Darling is a psychological thriller set in the 1950s. Jack Chambers (played by mega-popular singer Harry Styles) lives with his wife Alice (played by Pugh) in a company town in California. A mystery plays out when Alice begins to investigate the company her husband works for. Her investigation into the company’s “Victory Project” begins to tear at the fabric of their happy life.

OK, now to the stuff you actually care about.

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