Top 10 Best High Schools for Art and Design in USA

High Schools for Art and Design

With more than 300 High Schools for Art and Design accredited in the US International students are likely to seek ways to narrow their search to find the best school. 

Best High Schools for Art and Design in USA

There is good news for prospective students universities across the country hope to get their focus on offering the most comprehensive education they can get. 

There are a variety of important aspects to think about when choosing an institution of fine arts including the curriculum, facilities as well as faculty, location, and alumni.

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Important factors to consider when looking for high schools for arts in the USA:


Be sure the school you’re thinking of attending has a range of offerings, has topics that you’re interested in and is up to date with constantly changing trends in the arts.


Check out what the school can offer specifically designed for students. Are there galleries or workshops showing the works of students? Are they equipped with the latest technology and tools you require?


In the coming years, you’ll be working in close contact with professors who could become your mentor. Check out the professions they’ve held as well as if they’ve received any awards, and whether they’ve published.


The campus of your new college will become your residence for the next few years. Make sure the school is located in a major city or a smaller town, and then what is located near in case you choose to draw ideas from the world around.


This might not be the most crucial aspect, but schools are recognized by the students who have been to them previously and receive more attention from prospective faculty, applicants, as well as the media.

In 2010, U.S. College Rankings online ( came up with a list of the best fine arts colleges in the United States. Schools were evaluated using 5 points using the criteria listed above.

The schools listed have both undergraduate and graduate Fine arts programs (MFA and BFA) along with some that also offer post-baccalaureate diplomas too. 

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Best High Schools for Arts in USA

The top ten schools are listed as follows:

  1. Savannah College of Art and Design
  2. Rhode Island School of Design
  3. California Institute of the Arts
  4. University of California, Los Angeles
  5. School of the Arts Institute of Chicago
  6. Columbia University
  7. Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut
  8. School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois
  9. Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
  10. Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland

The five top schools listed above have been ranked as the top-ranked fine arts colleges multiple times. They provide the most effective programs available in the nation and are renowned for the exceptional students they have produced and faculty members employed by them.

Best High Schools for Art and Design in USA

Savannah College of Art and Design

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) provides more specialisations and programs than any other university of art and design located in the U.S. with forty undergraduate and sixty-one graduate degree programmes. This makes it one of the best on the list.

savannah college art and design

The programs offered by the school are continually changing to meet the constant change that happens in the world of work. Animation at SCAD’s animation Program has been repeatedly acknowledged and highly ranked by different media outlets throughout the time.

With tuition for undergraduates at $37,575 as well as graduate tuition of about $38.475, SCAD is moderately priced in comparison to other schools on the list. SCAD is also moderately-sized in this list and is also huge as compared to other arts-oriented schools, with an enrollment that exceeds 14,000 students.

Based on the data provided by the university, 99 per cent of the Spring 2020 graduates were employed, in pursuit of higher education or all three within the first ten months after graduation. This is quite remarkable–the highest among the top ten and even more impressive considering the year that it was recorded as well as its associated timeframe. SCAD has also announced the budget that it has approved for FY22 contains $292 million in operating costs.

The budget’s scope is as impressive as the array of classes that the school offers. Also, SCAD’s honesty regarding the subject shows the utmost transparency.

Rhode Island School of Design

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) was established in 1877. Currently, it boasts 1,880 undergraduates as well as students from 370 countries in the US and 50 other nations who are enrolled in the programs. There are 17 students in the undergraduate as well as 17 graduate programs to select from which include: ceramics film glass, illustration, sculpture, and textile. Students are able to take a multi-disciplinary course or collaborate with an instructor mentor.

Rhode Island School of Design

RISD—in partnership with Brown University—offers a Dual Degree program referred to as BRDD. Students in the BRDD program pursue a BFA with RISD and a Bachelor of Arts or Science with Brown.

The tuition, as per RISD’s current figures, is $55,220. In comparison to other schools on the list, RISD is one of the most expensive schools. RISD is as moderately well in terms of diversity.

According to the data for the 2019/2020 school year students makeup 33 per cent of students from the United States of colour, and 37 per cent of international students. The school has 1,736 pupils. RISD ranks the third most minuscule school among the top 10.

The RISD Museum — which is home to around 100,000 art pieces and has seven curatorial departments — is the only art museum that is comprehensive in the southeastern region of New England. Providence is often referred to as New England’s “Creative Capital” has seven universities, and is situated between busy metropoles as well as the tranquil landscapes of the coast and the inland.

California Institute of the Arts

The California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) is situated within Santa Clarita, is the most modest school in this top ten school with about 1,520 students in the school. The school offers more than 70 distinct majors in performing literary, and visual arts. CalArts Visual Arts program comprises seven programs that are part of the School of Art and six within the School of Film and Video.

California Institute of the Arts

Students in both undergraduate and graduate programs are able to receive instruction across many different media, such as installation, film, video writing, performance and drawing, painting, printing, photography, digital imaging and sculpture.

CalArts is moderately priced compared with other schools on the list. The fall 2021-22 tuition for the school is $52,850. While the school doesn’t yet have a comprehensive record of the percentage of graduates employed as students, the school did publish the graduation and retention rates. The school’s graduation rate for six years is 61.4 per cent. 

Between the autumn of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 83.7 per cent of students who enrolled in the school are enrolled.

The school also maintains a comprehensive and interactive factbook that holds information regarding this year’s academic calendar, as well as the past five years.

University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is home to the School of the Arts and Architecture where students have access to leading programs in four degree-granting departments: Architecture and Urban Design, Art, Design/ Media Arts, and World Arts and Cultures/Dance. The BA program allows students to take foundational courses in six different media categories and then advance in whichever of these media they are most drawn to.

University of California Los Angeles

The University is home to a wide range of top-notch resources. From the UCLA Art & Global Health think tank to the collection of the Grunwald Centre for the Graphic Arts, which features 45,000 art pieces dating from the Renaissance to the present.

Students here have access to interdisciplinary opportunities inherent to a research university and, according to UCLA, “our eight research centres foster groundbreaking connections between the arts and other disciplines, bringing together creativity and research to address issues such as global health, climate change, urbanism and other critical challenges of the 21st century.”

UCLA is among the biggest schools on this list of top ten schools with more than 45,000 students. It’s also among the schools that are most affordable for students from the state of California, with undergraduate tuition of $13,240. For students who are not from the state, however, this isn’t the situation. The students who attend these classes will pay $42,994 to attend college.

School of the Arts Institute of Chicago

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) is one of the biggest independent fine arts colleges in the US. It was founded in 1866. The school has a total of 3,200 students who are enrolled. International students need to be aware of its unique programs that include the art therapy program, time art along with visual communication. Post Baccalaureate certificate programs are also offered in body and fashion design, or studio art.

School of the Arts Institute of Chicago

School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, SAIC has 568 faculty members who are up to date on the latest technologies and techniques. 

It’s not surprising that these fine arts schools have been ranked in the top five of the most prestigious fine arts colleges across the US.

Each High Schools for Art and Design in USA has its unique programmes of study, well-known faculty with state-of-the-art facilities, and fascinating places to study. 

Although they might not be the right institution for you but consider them as a guideline for what you’re seeking when you are an international student seeking schools for fine arts across the country.

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