How To Make Money Using Your Smartphone Verifying Address In Nigeria- VerifyMe

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How To Make Money Using Your Smartphone Verifying Address In Nigeria- VerifyMe: Okay, guys: wouldn’t you LOVE to earn money every time you use your phone? Yes you heard me right, your smartphone can fetch you a job and you can make money from it.

I recently came across a tweet on Twitter from one of Nigeria’s finest job portals is known as Jobberman Nigeria, with the Twitter handle @Jobbermandotcom.

The tweet was

How To Make Money Using Your Smartphone Verifying Address In Nigeria

Earn money using your smartphone. Verify addresses across Nigeria”

Become an @officialVMN Agent today!

Then I ask myself how is that possible just as you are probably wondering now. What I did was click and I was amazed at what I found.

That tweet I saw is what gave birth to this post.

In this article, I’m going to show you how how to use VerifyMe Nigeria to make money. So let’s start with VerifyMe.

What is VerifyMe Nigeria (VMN)?

VerifyMe NIGERIA(VMN) is an ID verification and KYC technology COMPANY that offers services with significant benefits to the workforce.

VerifyMe Nigeria(VMN) is also an employment history reporting and verification company.

Since 2017, VerifyMe has built a KYC infrastructure layer to enable the interoperability of KYC data across industries and employers. This gives decision-makers the tools to assess customer suitability for financial and other services. VerifyMe partners with major banks and government agencies in Nigeria to provide KYC as a service. With over 10,000 domestic employers and 1,000 corporate employers using VerifyMe products today to verify identities, VerifyMe has emerged as a leading technology company pioneering innovative, secure, and realistic ID solutions in the African market.

VerifyMe’s ID Validation (IDV) verification capabilities include Nigerian Identity Management Corporation (NIMC), Bank Verification Number (BVN), and Drivers License verification.

VerifyMe Nigeria core values

  1. Promote social and financial inclusion by driving Nigerian ID registrations.
  2. Enable on-demand services by digitizing and standardizing the reporting of Know Your Customer data.
  3. Reduce human capital risk by making human resource verification cheaper, faster, and more secure.
  4. Support the credit and lending industry by providing strong data points for lending decisions.

How to use VerifyMe?

Verifying and identifying on VerifyMe is easy.

Identity Verification

Identity Verification is a crucial first step before hiring household staff. This feature is very useful as giving detailed information about the employee of staff. You can verify the identity of your prospective staff using their NIN, BVN, or Drivers license.

How to Use VerifyMe for Identity Verification?

VerifyMe Identity Verification
VerifyMe Identity Verification

Enter a NIN (National Identification Number) or BVN

Note: You can enter one or multiple NIN numbers and we’ll run the numbers through multiple databases.

VerifyMe Identity Verification

You get the results!
Currently, VerifyMe Nigeria only uses National Identification Numbers (NIN) and bank verification identity(BVN).

How to Use VerifyMe for Address Verification?

This feature is used to Know where your staff lives. It provides address verifications capturing GPS location, neighbor testimonial,s and photographs of the street and house.

How to Use VerifyMe for Address Verification?

Verify an address in 3 easy steps

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Upload an address

You upload the address you want to verify on our quick and easy system.

VerifyMe Identity Verification

Address visit by agent

A trained VerifyMe agent will visit the address in person and capture pictures, and GPS coordinates and conduct neighbor interviews.

VerifyMe Identity Verification

We provide the results

The results of the address visit verification will be shared with you within 10 working days. Urban (Lagos, Abuja) – 5 days + others 10 days. 

How to Use VerifyMe for guarantor Verification?

VerifyMe also verifies guarantor relationships for your new staff. They verify guarantor IDs to ensure they are real people.

How to Use VerifyMe for Address Verification?

Verify a guarantor in 3 easy steps

  1. VerifyMe will contact the guarantor
verify guarantor address 1

2. The guarantor uploads a picture of their ID

verify guarantor address 1

3.VerifyMe will deliver a report to you

verify guarantor address 1

How to sign up?


Signing up on VerifyMe is divided into three categories. You are to choose the one that you want.
From the above picture, you will see the three categories outline carefully.

You are to choose this if you have a registered business with an RC Number, BN Number, CAC Number, etc.

You are to choose this if you are an individual or if you do not have a registered business.

VerifyMe Agent
You are to choose this if you want to become an agent of VerifyMe Nigeria.

Yes, I know you have been anxiously waiting for this part to come up. Well, here it is.

As a student I know you will be probably looking for a part-time job and you will recall I told you of a job Alert that Jobberman posted on Twitter.

You can make up to 7000 Naira per day as a student verifying addresses in your local government or city. Think of what this job will give you as a student.

Entry Qualification

  • Minimum Qualification: High School (S.S.C.E)
  • Experience Level: Entry level
  • Experience Length: No Experience/Less than 1 year


Job Description:

  • Perform verification tasks in a timely fashion as assigned by the supervisors.
  • Manage the flow of information, keep track of documents and submit data in verification systems.
  • Meet Quality Control requirements and maintain the integrity of data and reports 

Job Requirement:

  • Ability to carry out address verifications
  • Should be between the age of 18 and 45 years
  • Minimum Educational Requirement – Secondary School Leaving Certificate
  • Own a Smartphone with Android O.S. 6.0.
  • Have a functional email address
  • Ability to send and receive emails

To apply for this job click on the link below

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