5 Easy Steps to get your PVC, deadline for registration 2023

How to register for your PVC online

This guide will show you How to register for your PVC online in 5 Easy Steps. Is no longer news that the 2023 Nigeria’s general election is scheduled to be held on February 25, 2023.

How to register for your PVC online

Approximately 20 million Nigerians have reached the voting age of 18 after the last general election in 2019. Constitutional every Nigerian have the right to vote, but logistical challenges may prevent them from exercising that right. One of these challenges is not having a Permanent Voters Card (PVC).

PVC (Permanent voter’s card) is one of the most acceptable and valid means of identification in Nigeria.

A lot of processes in the country now require that citizens tender a PVC card, a NIN (National Identification Number), a Valid Passport, or National Drivers’ Passport for registration, verification, and access.

Important Notice

  1. The ongoing Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) exercise ends by 30th June 2022.
  2. This will enable the Commission to clean up the registration data, print the Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVCs) and compile the register ahead of the 2023 General Elections.
  3. Online registration ends 30th May 2022. You must complete your application and schedule your appointment for biometric capture before then.

How to register for your PVC online in 5 Easy Steps

Here’s an ABC guide to registering for your PVC online:

Please note that registration for the PVC is only open until the third quarter of 2022.

Create A Registration Account On The Web Portal

INEC developed a website that can be accessed on mobile or PC for your convenience. When you visit the website, you’ll be required to create a personal account where you can proceed to register for your PVC or access other important services like

  1. Changing Your Polling Unit
  2. Updating the Information on an Existing voter’s Card
  3. Collecting a PVC
  4. Replacing a lost/stolen or damaged PVC.

Upload Relevant Documents And Details To Provide Necessary Information

Online Registration makes the PVC collection process easier by shortening the time it takes for INEC to get your information and process your card.

Once you create and confirm your account, you’ll need to fill a digital form on the portal with your identity details like Full Name, Gender, Address, Picture and more importantly, Upload your Relevant files to verify your identity which include;

  1. Court Affidavit, 
  2. Proof of Name Change
  3. Evidence of Address
  4. Identity Document (NIN) and Signed Letter of Request.

Once completed, you can move on to the final stage of Online Registration.

Book An Appointment For Biometrics Capture And Complete Your PVC Registration

Based on the preferred centre you choose on the website to collect your PVC, you’ll be shown possible available dates for your biometric capture.

Pick a date that works best for you and print out a document (PDF) that contains all the application details you’ll need to show the officers at the physical venue.

After you print it out, all you now need to do is sit back and wait for the date you selected to complete your registration. With your biometrics captured on-site, everything you need to relax and collect your PVC is ready.

To get started, click this link to begin your online PVC registration.

How to register for your PVC online (PICTURE GUIDE)

The first step how in registering your PVC online is to go to the INEC registration portal and select “Get Started”. You will be taken to a new page with a list of services. Click on “New Voter Pre-registration”. Note: This option is only for people who have never registered their PVC before. There are other options on the site if your card is lost, or if you want to buy update your information for a new card.

Before we proceed further, know that you can only register once. Wait for confirmation after submitting your application, and do not make any attempt to register again after that-otherwise, you risk invalidating your registration because signing up multiple times is considered a crime.

How to register for your PVC online in 5 simple steps

Step 2: Create a portal account or login

Before proceeding to the registration form, you will be required to sign in to your portal account or create one. Fill in your name, email address, and phone number, and create a password, then click “Submit”. It is important to only use an email address you have access to, as you will receive an email instantly to verify your account. If you can’t find the email, it might have gone to your spam folder.

In your email app, you should find mail from INEC CVR Portal. Open it and click on the link contained in it to return to the sign-in page you encountered earlier. This time, click on “Log In” and enter your email and the password you just created. After that, you will be directed to a Declaration page that wants to confirm that all information you will provide is accurate. Ensure to click on “Yes” before proceeding.

How to register for your PVC online in 5 simple steps

Step 3: Register

After the Declaration page, you will be taken to the main registration form. The information required for the form is as follows:

Biodata: name, date of birth, gender, occupation, address, NIN, and nationality.

Additional information: level of education, disability, maiden name.

Residence: country of residence, state of residence, LGA or city of residence.

Birth information: country of birth, state of birth, LGA or city of birth.

Origin information: country of origin, state of origin, LGA or city of residence, place of origin (town or village)

Polling unit: This is information about the state, local government and area you want to vote in.

At the bottom of the page, you will find space for supporting documents like your national identity card or passport. Although this step is not mandatory, it facilitates the verification process by making it easy to confirm your identity. It also enables INEC to link your profile on their database to other databases.

After you have this, click “Save and Continue”, and you’ll be led to a fresh page with confirmation that your application has successfully been updated. If you do not get this confirmation, click on the three black lines in the top right corner of your screen to view your application status.

How to register for your PVC online in 5 simple steps

Step 4: Upload Photographs

Next, you will be required to upload two clear close-up photographs of your face: one with a neutral expression, and the other with you smiling. To upload your photos, click “Choose File” and you will be taken to your camera. As soon as you take each selfie, click “Use Photo”, and it will be automatically resized and uploaded. Make sure the photos are clear and well-lit. You’re now ready for the next step.

Step 5: Schedule an appointment

Now that you know how to register for your PVC online, the final step is how to schedule a convenient appointment date to get your biometric data collected. Biometrics are unique physical characteristics you have like height and fingerprints. On this page, you will get a form with a list of options showing the closest places where you can get your biometrics done. These options are obtained from the address you entered when filling out your biodata. There are 811 centres dedicated to biometrics capturing nationwide, with even more being created. You can find a list of every centre listed by state here.

There is also a list of available times for your biometrics on the portal. Select the one most convenient for you. Biometrics takes about 30 minutes to be completed and the officials are punctual. In the event that you miss the date or time for your appointment, you can always reschedule through the INEC portal. Once you’ve selected a date and time, you can then submit your application.

Now you’re on your way to becoming an eligible voter. After your biometrics appointment, you will receive a temporary voters’ card (TVC)-proof that you completed the voting process. Keep it in a safe place. When the PVC is ready, you will be contacted by INEC to pick it up at the same centre you had your biometrics done. This can take anywhere between 1 to 3 months.

Note: You must present your TVC (temporary voters’ card) in order to receive the PVC. If your TVC (temporary voters’ card) is missing, you can reprint it from the online portal. All you need to do is enter your login details in order to access your form.

How to register for your PVC online in 5 simple steps

In need of Help?

Please reach out to INEC!

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: 0700-2255-4632, 090-5085-8629, 090-8444-4333

Guide For Transfer Of Registered Voters

If in some cases you already have your vote card and you change your location. Here is how to transfer your voter card to your new location. This is the method I used and it was fast.

Every Nigerian has the right to live in any part of the country. An important part of voter registration is that an eligible person is advised to register at the centre nearest to his or her residence. This is to make it easy for the voter to access the polling unit and vote on Election Day.

Eligibility for Transfer:

A person who has relocated to another place, outside the unit in which he/she registered cannot vote in his/her new location unless he/she transfers his/her registration.

Procedure for Transfer:

Step 1:

The person who intends to transfer his/her registration will apply to INEC’s Resident Electoral Commissioner of the state where he/she is currently residing through his/her Electoral Officer (EO).

Note: The application should contain the current address and phone number of the applicant as these will assist in allocating the polling unit nearest to him/her as well as for contact purposes respectively.

Step 2:

The applicant shall attach a photocopy of his/her Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) to the application and submit at the nearest registration centre nearest to him/her.

Note: The applicant must apply to the Resident Electoral Commissioner in good time, well before 60 days to the election. No transfer can be entertained or granted less than 60 days to the election.

Step 3:

If satisfied that the applicant is currently resident in the area, the Resident Electoral Commissioner shall approve the application and direct that the applicant’s details be transferred to his/her new location.

Note: The Commission may require evidence such as a Utility Bill for confirmation of your residency.

Step 4:

The applicant will be assigned to the nearest polling unit to his/her new residence.

Note: The applicant’s registration and particulars will then be deleted from the register of voters in the previous location

Step 5:

The applicant would be issued with a new Permanent Voter’s Card at the registration centre where he/she submitted his/her application or at any other designated centre by the Commission and the previous one will be retrieved.

Note: When the PVCs are ready, the Commission will make a public announcement to that effect for collection. The applicant should pick up the new PVC in person as collection by proxy is not allowed.

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