How To Secure A Great Job As A Graduate After NYSC

NYSC 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream II Passing-Out Date

How To Secure A Great Job As A Graduate After NYSC: In a few months from now, a new set of NYSC Corps Members will be passing and the quest to land a job with them is not yet ascertained. I know what you will be thinking now this post shouldn’t be written as the world is going through a global pandemic known as Coronavirus also known as Covid-19. Just as the world is going through this pandemic there is a need to start preparing if you are a Corps member out there.

How To Secure A Great Job As A Graduate After NYSC

Before we continue this article Insideschool Forum will like to commend our entire frontline workers for their doggedness in fighting this plague.

Now the question is how do I get a job after NYSC? The answers are outlined below as a guide that is more favorable to those still in the service; they still have time to build their networks and make useful friends

Build Your Network before Graduating

It is said that one day our network will become our net worth. Even a local saying in Nigeria implies that he who has people (i.e. connections) is greater than he that has just money alone.

Being in a university or polytechnic is a perfect time for you to decide the career choice you wish to pursue and network with people who will be more likely to help you climb the ladder or get you a good job after NYSC.

Asking most of these successful people to get you a job outright is not always the right way to go. If they already know how good and capable you are you can easily get an endorsement and recommendation from them and that will help you on your way to getting your first job after NYSC.

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Create a Top Quality and Attractive CV

It will be unpleasant if by now you don’t have a CV by. Your CV is your spokesperson in your absence. It is shocking how many graduates don’t even search around on how to get their CV well packaged and instead use obsolete and insufficient CVs to apply for all the job vacancies they hear or read about.

If you are serious about getting a job after NYSC your CV is one of the first things you should be looking at getting right. There are many tools online that you can use to do this, but I will likely recommend you to use Jobberman as they can prepare a masterpiece for you.

Create a List of a Potential Employers

The internet today is full of a lot and a lot of information that can help in this area. Your phone that you are using to snap pictures can as well be used to create a list of potential employers. The best way to do this is to go through your phonebook, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Believe me, someone you know will be a staff of that company you are hoping for.

Offer to Work for Free or For Little Pay

I know this may sound funny but it can land you a job. While you are in service you can use your free time to work for free.

  • You garner the required experience that you can use when applying for jobs
  • Most times (if you are a graduate) end up being offered a job by the company when a vacancy comes up if you have proved to be capable and a good worker.

Sometimes even if the company cannot help you with a good job after NYSC some of the staff who is happy with your work will go out of their way to inform you about opportunities elsewhere. So you there is light at the end.

Get on the Mail List of Reputable Job Sites

Even before you pass out from service try and get on the mailing list or register with reputable job sites that regularly publish job vacancies from various companies and recruiting organizations. I will like to suggest a few like Jobberman and others

Study the jobs that fall within your career aspirations to know the kind of requirements and qualifications plus skills they require.

With these few, I believe you now know How To Secure A Great Job As A Graduate After NYSC.

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