List Of Courses Offered in NOUN (National Open University of Nigeria)

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See the list Of NOUN courses for undergraduate and postgraduate student. Do you want to find out the list of courses you can study at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)? Then read on.

List of NOUN Courses

About NOUN

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)is an open and distance learning (ODL) institution renowned for providing functional, flexible, accessible, cost-effective education adequate for flourishing in the 21st century and beyond.

The National Open University of Nigeria has been officially accredited and/or recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria.

Faculties Available In NOUN (National Open University Of Nigeria)

  • Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Management Sciences
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Social Sciences

Below is the list of Accredited NOUN courses on offer at the National Open University of Nigeria.

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List Of NOUN courses and Admission Requirement

B.Agric Animal ScienceAdmission Requirements
B.Agric Agricultural Extension and Rural DevelopmentAdmission Requirements
B.Agric Agricultural Economics and Agro-BusinessAdmission Requirements
PGD. Agricultural Extension ManagementAdmission Requirements
B.Agric Crop ScienceAdmission Requirements
B.Agric Soil and Land Resources ManagementAdmission Requirements
B.A. EnglishAdmission Requirements
B.A. FrenchAdmission Requirements
B.A. ArabicAdmission Requirements
B.A. HausaAdmission Requirements
B.A. IgboAdmission Requirements
B.A. YorubaAdmission Requirements
M.A. EnglishAdmission Requirements
B.A. Islamic StudiesAdmission Requirements
B.A. Christian Religious StudiesAdmission Requirements
PGD. Christian Religious StudiesAdmission Requirements
M.A. Christian Religious StudiesAdmission Requirements
M.A. Islamic StudiesAdmission Requirements
B.A. PhilosophyAdmission Requirements
B.A.(ED) Early Childhood EducationAdmission Requirements
B.A.(ED) EnglishAdmission Requirements
B.A.(ED) FrenchAdmission Requirements
B.A.(ED) Primary EducationAdmission Requirements
B.Sc.(ED) Business EducationAdmission Requirements
B.Sc.(ED) Agricultural ScienceAdmission Requirements
B.Sc.(ED) BiologyAdmission Requirements
B.Sc.(ED) ChemistryAdmission Requirements
B.Sc.(ED) Computer ScienceAdmission Requirements
B.Sc.(ED) Integrated ScienceAdmission Requirements
B.Sc.(ED) MathematicsAdmission Requirements
B.Sc.(ED) PhysicsAdmission Requirements
M.ED. Educational TechnologyAdmission Requirements
M.ED. Science EducationAdmission Requirements
PGD. EducationAdmission Requirements
M.ED. Administration and PlanningAdmission Requirements
M.ED. Guidance and CounsellingAdmission Requirements
B.LIS Library and Information ScienceAdmission Requirements
B.Sc.(Ed) Health EducationAdmission Requirements
B.Sc.(Ed) Human KineticsAdmission Requirements
B.NSc. Nursing (New)Admission Requirements
B.Sc. Public HealthAdmission Requirements
M.Sc. Public HealthAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Environmental Health ScienceAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Business AdministrationAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Public AdministrationAdmission Requirements
PGD. Business AdministrationAdmission Requirements
PGD. Public AdministrationAdmission Requirements
Masters in Business AdministrationAdmission Requirements
Masters in Public AdministrationAdmission Requirements
M.Sc. Business AdministrationAdmission Requirements
M.Sc. Public AdministrationAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. MarketingAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. EntrepreneurshipAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Cooperative and Rural DevelopmentAdmission Requirements
PGD. EntrepreneurshipAdmission Requirements
M.Sc. EntrepreneurshipAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. AccountingAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Banking and FinanceAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Computer ScienceAdmission Requirements
PGD. Information TechnologyAdmission Requirements
M.Sc. Information TechnologyAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Information TechnologyAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Environmental Management and ToxicologyAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. MathematicsAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Maths and Computer ScienceAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. BiologyAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. ChemistryAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. PhysicsAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. EconomicsAdmission Requirements
PGD. EconomicsAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. International RelationsAdmission Requirements
M.Sc. Criminology and Security StudiesAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Mass CommunicationAdmission Requirements
PGD. Mass CommunicationAdmission Requirements
M.Sc. Mass CommunicationAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Broadcast JournalismAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Film ProductionAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Political ScienceAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Tourism StudiesAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict ResolutionAdmission Requirements
PGD. Peace Studies and Conflict ResolutionAdmission Requirements
M.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict ResolutionAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Criminology and Security StudiesAdmission Requirements
PGD. Criminology and Security StudiesAdmission Requirements
B.Sc. Development StudiesAdmission Requirements
PhD Christian TheologyAdmission Requirements
PhD Educational AdministrationAdmission Requirements
PhD Educational TechnologyAdmission Requirements
PhD Science EducationAdmission Requirements
PhD Educational PlanningAdmission Requirements
PhD Mathematics EducationAdmission Requirements
PhD Business AdministrationAdmission Requirements
PhD Public AdministrationAdmission Requirements
PhD Information TechnologyAdmission Requirements
PhD Peace StudiesAdmission Requirements
Phd Mass Communication

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NOUN Virtual Examination Time Table

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NOUN Virtual Examination Time Table

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