National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) E-Exam Timetable for 2021

NOUN Exam Timetable

NOUN Exam Timetable – The final e-examinations timetable of  National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) for the first semester, 2020/2021 academic session has been released. See NOUN Exam Timetable below.

NOUN 2020 POP Timetable [Download in PDF]

This is to inform all the students of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) that the authorities of the institution has released the e-examination timetable for the 2020_2 session.

See Also: NOUN POP Timetable [Download in PDF]

NOUN Exam Timetable

Click the button below in case your device can’t display the document above (Note: You will however need a device that is capable of opening PDF files to access the list).

Candidates note as follows:

  • The start off time for each session.
  • No late comers should be entertained. Students should arrive the venue at least 30 minutes before start off time on ETT.
  • NCDC Covid -19 protocols must be observed by all candidates.
  • All examinations are to be taken as scheduled on ETT.
  • A minute late is as bad as 2hours lateness (Except where batching is inevitable)
  • All session will end (automatically) as on the ETT.


  • All NOUN Students are urged to download the timetable, plan and check for errors.
  • All comments, feedback and observations about the timetable should be submitted at the counsellor’s office in your study centre.
  • Kindly report clashes and possible omissions of any examinable course from the draft. For clarity, two or more courses are said to clash if they are courses belonging to the same programme, same level and semester and are scheduled same time on the timetable.
  • All comments, observation and feedback should reach the counsellor not later than 4 pm on Monday 21st June 2021, No further input will be accepted when the final daft timetable is released.
  • E-exam means Computer Base Exam
  • NOUN E-exams is for 100 level – 200 level students only
  • DAY 1 to Day 9 is for Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Sciences.
  • Day 10 to Day 17 is for Faculty of Art, Faculty of Education, Faculty of LAW, Faculty of Management Sciences
  • Day 18 to Day 19 is for GST’s – Good Study Guide
  • All GST courses are E-exams – If you registered any GST courses check them on the E-exam timetable

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