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Hello! InsideSchool reader, today I will be sharing with you how with Piggyvest App Download you can save and at the same time make money for yourself. I will be talking exclusively on Piggyvest App ( saving and investment ) platform.

I got to know about the PiggyVest saving and investment platform from my fellow NYSC member. Her name is Omobolajoko a 2019 batch C 1 corps member in Oyo state. When she first mentions PiggyVest I was wondering what it was and how it works. Then she took the time to explain in detail to me and also told me how she saves with the app to buy equipment for her tailoring shop and manage to open her fashion shop. Well, the good news is that I join the platform and ever since I have watched my money make money for me without even doing any work.

That was what sparks up the idea of this post because I want you all to be part of it. In this post, I will be sharing with you in detail what PiggyVest is all about, and how to save and invest with the PiggyVest app. So I hereby implore you to read this guide to the last paragraph.

In this post, we will be providing answers to the following questions.

What is Piggyvest App?

Piggyvest App is the first online saving and investment app in West Africa. PiggyVest was launched back in 2016 as PIGGYBANK (www.piggybank.ng) as an online legit financial management system. Piggybank was the first platform to offer people the ability to save their money online just like the normal piggy bank we all know. After two years of effective service, they rebranded from piggybank to PiggyVest in 2019.

The rebranding then brought about a lot of improvements such as investment, SafeLock, and flex dollar. Being the first financial company to provide an online saving platform for people in west Africa, PiggyVest has grown with over 350,000 users and counting.

How does Piggyvest App work?

Now that you know what PiggyVest is all about is high time for you to know how it works.

Well, PiggyVest has different features on saving and investment all with the sole aim of making you save your money. Let us go ahead to examine this feature one after the other.

  1. Saving Opportunity

The major aim of PiggyVest is to provide its users with a saving option that suits them.  The saving option is divided into five parts.

Piggyvest saving plans;

PiggyVest wallet: This is a simple saving plan that allows you to stash your money away regularly or with an interval straight from your bank account. When you save money on a piggybank wallet you can only withdraw once in three months. Saving money on PiggyVest can be done automatically or manually from your bank account. I will suggest a plan for people that want to stash money for just saving sake. The interest rate is accrued daily on your balance. They will pay the interest monthly which will be available on the 1st of every month.

PAY ATTENTION: How to Download Piggyvest for PC (Windows 10/8/7).


Target saving: This feature allows you to save consistently toward a financial goal. It could be for your rent, tuition fee, buying a car, or opening your business. With a targeted plan, you could even invite your loves ones and your friend to join. Just as the name implies the money will be released once the project money is matured. Target saving interest rate is accrued daily and is paid at the end of your target. Unlike core savings that pay interest monthly, target savings pay your interest at the end of your target. I have used this feature to save for my younger brother’s tuition fee and it has easy up my stress.

Targeted Saving

SafeLock: This is a saving plan for people that are seeking to lock funds away for a long time. It is different from the above two mentions earlier. Think of it like your own customized fixed deposit account. The good news about Safelock is that it comes with a lot of saving interest. This simply means the longer it stays the more profit you get. The interest rate in SafeLock is paid upfront into your PiggyFlex account. You can access it immediately for free anytime.

Piggyvest Safelock

PiggyFlex dollar: This is a new plan that was rolled out PiggyVest and is for users that want to save and invest in dollars. The flex dollar account comes up with an interest rate of 7% per annum. The feature also allows you to purchase a dollar with your naira account.

Piggyvest Flex Dollar

PiggyFlex naira: This feature allows you to save any amount of money and still get a chance to withdraw it any time. Flex naira also provides you with a digital account number that you fund your PiggyVest from your account. With piggyflex, you earn 10% per annum. This is more or less the opposite of flex Dollar.

PAY ATTENTION: Download PiggyVest App for Android & iPhon

piggyvest flex Naira


This feature allows you to use your PiggyVest saving to invest in agriculture, production and industries right from the app.

piggyvest investify

Your investment is saved within the platform. So, you don’t need to worry because each investment listing on PiggyVest comes with its protection before they are been shown on the platform. Funding your investment is done using your debit card, flex and bank savings. All investment opportunities listed on PiggyVest are pre-vetted for maximum safety. We carry out due diligence on all investment partners.

Currently, there is a Ginger farm investment where you invest a certain amount that will be used to farm ginger and you will be paid back after 12 months with 24% interest.

piggyvest investment

How to make money with Piggyvest App

There are four ways you can make money with PiggyVest:

  • Get N1000 from your first savings of at least N1000
  • Make money from interest on funds placed in your online Nigerian piggy bank
  • Make money with Piggy Points
  • Make money with the Piggybank Referral Program

How to Make Money With Refer Income Program Today!

  • Get N1000 from your first savings of at least N1000

One of the ways you can be earning a good amount of money while you save on PiggyVest is by referring people to the platform. Once you’ve signed up and your account is valid, you can start referring people to PiggyVest with your referral link or using your referral phone number.

piggyvest referral 1

Each person you refer earns you N1000 which they’ll pay into your SafeLock. The money will mature to your flex account after 10 days once the person you refer is valid. The good news about this is that both of you get a referral so there is no need to worry if you gladly put my phone number 07067983829 as your referral. 

  • Make money from interest on funds Saved in your online Nigerian piggy bank

You earn interest on the money you’ve saved on the different piggybank savings plans.

piggyvest wallet interest 1

On Core savings or Piggybank savings, you can earn up to 10% per annum. Interests are accrued daily and paid monthly. You can access your interest from the first of every month).

On SafeLock, you can earn over 13% per annum which is paid upfront into your Flex account and you can access it immediately for free.

On the Target and Group Savings plan, you earn 10% per annum which is paid daily into your Flex account and can be accessed immediately for free.

  • Make money with Piggy Points
piggyvest point 1

This is one reason I love PiggyVest so much, imagine I get paid to save my money. How you may ask well if you save you get a PiggyVest Point. A piggy point is a small reward system set up by PiggyVest as a way of rewarding piggy bank users.

The points are calculated this way:

N2000 – N4999 = 1 point

N5000 – N9999 = 2 points

N10000 – N49999 = 10 points

N50000 – N99999 = 25 points

N100000 and above = 55 points

And 1 point converts into N10.

  • Make money with the PiggyVest Referral Program
piggyvest refer 1

Their referral program is pretty simple once you understand it and the best part is that it is free. Unlike other online referral platforms, there is no need for you to pay any one-time payment, just deposit at least N1000 in your core savings account which you can withdraw anytime you want (terms and conditions apply).

How to Register For a Piggyvest App Saving Account

Registration on the PiggyVest app is easy. Just follow the simple guide below.

Visit the PiggyVest Registration page here.

Click on the icon Create and select create a free account. If you are using a desktop, you can click on it directly (see below).

piggyvest app download

Then, fill in your correct detail which includes your name, email, phone number, password and referral phone.


Choose any of the “how did you hear about us” options.

If you want to use #Insideschool as your referral, Input 07067983829 or #INSIDESCHOOL as your referral phone to earn a N1000 bonus and click on ” create account“.

Please note that you can also use #insideschool also as your referral code. 

After that, your dashboard will display. The next thing you need to do is to verify your email. You’ll see that below the “to-do list” option on your dashboard. Your dashboard will look like the image below.


Then select the “tell us about yourself” option. Here, you’ll have to Input your details.

Piggylink ID

Piggylink ID

I know you will probably be wondering what is piggylink ID. Well, the piggylink ID is your exclusive friendly-user ID on PiggyVest. Any PiggyVest user can securely send you cash via this ID instantly for free.

NEW: Your Piggylink ID can also be used as your referral code to invite your friends to PiggyVest.

Also, you can also use our piggylink as a referral code for you to earn an N1000 bonus from Piggyvest.

Finally, you’ll have to deposit at least N1000 with your debit card to activate your account. You will see where to do that on your dashboard.

You can click on saving right from the dashboard to view all you’ve saved and your earnings. Your savings page will look like the image below.

If you have any questions about Piggyvest App Download, kindly use the comment box below.

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