uLesson Education: Top 5 Reasons Why uLesson App is the Best Exam Guide

uLesson App: Top 5 Reasons Why uLesson App is the Best Exam Guide


ulesson education

uLesson Education in Nigeria – The Nigerian Edtech platform witnesses a whole new change to its E-learning platform with the introduction of a learning management system (LMS) known as uLesson Education App.

In this Insideschool eHow section, we’ll walk you through all the basics you need to know. We’ll give a brief insight into what uLesson App is all about. Then, we’ll talk about “Top 5 Reasons Why uLesson App is the Best Exam Guide” for students. Without wasting much of your time let’s proceed!


The uLesson education app which was launch in March 2020, which open a whole new door to eLearning in Nigeria. The app offers students in Junior and Senior Secondary School a whole new learning experience in subjects such as Mathematics, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It also helps students that are preparing for senior secondary School exams like WAEC, JAMB, NECO and GCE exams.

Yes, the uLesson Education App is the first of its kind in Africa that have all these amazing features.

This is why we decided to share with you some of the amazing features of uLesson app. Here is what we discovered.

But first, let us understand what uLesson app is all about.

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About uLesson Education app

According to the developer, the uLesson app is a comprehensive learning management programs that help students in Mathematics, Integrated Science, Basic Design and Technology, and Business Studies for junior secondary school students, and Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for senior secondary school students.

The app is loaded with pre-recorded educational videos based on the curriculum and delivered by expert teachers; the uLesson app has proven to be an invaluable tool for the student preparing for an exam. The good thing about the app is that they engage the student with digital animation and illustrations to help explain complex concepts as well help students learn in a more fun and engaging way. Now it’s that wow. If you think you have seen wow, why not keep reading maybe you will use another term for wow.

Top 5 reasons why uLesson Education app is the best exam guide

Let us now see some of the reasons why you use the app as a  study guide while preparing for WAEC, NECO, JAMB.

  1. Interactive video lessons 

You will agree with me that what you see you tend to recall on time. This is why interactive video is very paramount to eLearning. According to the Brandon Hall Group, video learning is one of the top five critical items for effective personalized learning. It also makes it easier to look at content that you simply have an interest in or to ascertain things from a special perspective. The interaction offered by these videos puts you within the thick of it, allowing you to customize the experience.

Interactive video lessons

The uLesson app has one of the best interactive video lessons that you can ever imagine. The lessons on the app are delivered as short video formats and include the use of digital animation and illustrations to help explain complex concepts as well help students learn in a more fun and engaging way.

The Interactive Live Lessons on the app is first of its kind as students can ask the tutor questions in real-time through live chat, and benefit from questions asked by other students.

Here is a sample of one of their interactive videos,

If you watch the video you should be able to see how the Presenter is carefully analysing the term (SURFACE TENSION IN ACTION) and you will also notice that he was carrying the pupils along too.

Also on the App, you can attend Live Lessons by Top Tutors covering subjects from JSS1 – SSS3, revise and relearn topics through engaging pre-recorded video lessons.

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  1. Availability on-the-go 

Another reason why you use the uLesson app in your study is that its easy to get or to access from anywhere in the world. The information you need is available anytime you need it, obtainable and ready for use.

ulesson education

  1. Access to several years of past questions with detailed solutions

The uLesson app features over 8 years of past WAEC questions with detailed solutions in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology; making it an excellent tool for preparing for and cracking WAEC. Timed practice WAEC exams available on the app not only help SS/SHS 3 students to measure their preparedness, but it also helps the student with WAEC exam format and accuracy skills.

Access to several years of past questions with detailed solutions

  1. Timed quizzes and practice

One of the main reason why the uLesson app is best when it comes to preparing for any exams is that they provide timed quizzes that student can easily interact with. it also helps students learn time management which is an important factor in any exams.

Timed quizzes and practice

Timed quizzes allow students to understand exactly what proportion time to line aside to dedicate to taking the quiz. Each student has got to balance school and work. When a student knows that a quiz is going to be 15 minutes the will be well prepared for it.

The app provides Timed Mock WAEC exams with step by step solutions.

The main advantage of this app is that it helps student time management skill while preparing for any exam.

The app hosts over 8 years of past WAEC questions and answers so it would be helpful for you to practice time management.

  1. Ease of revision 

The app provides Active revision session which enables the students preparing for any exam go through the previous lesson and master it well. The student is well able to use the app as a study guide while preparing for any exams in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia or the Gambia.

ulesson education Timed quizzes and practice

Bonus Tip: Record Tacking

The app also provides analytics and reporting data for parents and guardians to monitor the child’s academic performance and guide them with the optimization of the learning experiences.

ulesson education: Record Tacking


We will conclude this ‘Top 5 reason why uLesson app is the best exam guide‘ by saying that is one of the best study apps out of Nigeria.

Whether your goal is to prepare for WAEC or JAMB exams, upcoming school exams or homework, our expert tutors have got you covered. You need uLesson app in your life.

Do you have any questions about any of this “Top 5 Reasons? Feel free to ask us in the comments section below!

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