uLesson for school

uLesson for School – what it is and how to get started Are you a school owner or organisation looking for ways to expand your eLearning platform? If yes then you are on the right page. See the meaning of ulesson for schools and how to get started below.

uLesson for schools

First off, what is uLesson App anyway?

Before we proceed to look at what ulesson for schools is let us first exam know what is uLesson App.

In simple terms, uLesson App is a learning management system (LMS) built to deploy curriculum-relevant content to learners via smartphones and tablets.

In this Insideschool eHow blog, we will be talking about what is ulesson for schools and how to activate it for your school so, let us get started without any more delay;

uLesson for Schools & Organizations

According to the developer, the uLesson App for Partner Schools & Organizations is a complete OFFLINE package that provides access to the uLesson educational library with thousands of curriculum-relevant video lessons, quizzes as well as past exam questions with detailed answers.

uLesson app for school

This feature is designed for students in Junior and Senior Secondary School to learn and achieve academic excellence without the constraints of data costs or network access.

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How uLesson for Schook Works

The uLesson app for schools is a robust library of content, covering the entirety of curriculum requirements for the subjects offered. All content is added to an android tablet for offline viewing.

How ulesson for schools work

uLesson for school Content

When you activate uLesson app for your school you will have access to thousands of video lessons, quizzes and assessments in Maths, and Sciences for SS1-3 and lessons in Maths, Basic Tech, Basic Science and Business Studies for students in JSS1-3

uLesson for school Devices

Currently, the ulesson app is available on all android, windows and Tecno Mobile phones at a very low cost.

Who can purchase uLesson for Schools?

Honestly, the uLesson for school package is for schools, corporate bodies, NGOs and governments, passionate about providing high-quality and affordable education to students.

who csan purchase uLesson for school

Key Benefits of Ulesson for Schools

  • You have access to thousands of high-quality curriculum-relevant video tutorials.
  • Students have the ability to learn at their pace.
  • Low DATA cost as. Log in once to set up the service and you don’t need internet anymore for one year.
  • It helps measure the performance of your student as they learn.
Benefit of uLesson for school

How to get uLesson for your school?

How do I get uLesson for my students

InsideschoolForum can help you set up the uLesson App for your school. Please complete the form below and we will get back to you.

Alternatively, call uLesson on +234 700 022 2333 (Nigeria) or +233 59 466 8550 (Ghana).

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uLesson education app

How uLesson Education App can transform our Education System?

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