YouWin Registration 2021 (YouWin connect) and How to Apply for YouWin Application Online

YouWin Registration 2021

YouWin Registration 2021 (YouWin connect) Portal is now for application from suitable candidates. See How to Apply for YouWin Application Online.

YouWin Registration (YouWin connect)

About YouWin

YouWin is a youth development scheme, established in Nigeria by the Goodluck Jonathan – led government to empower Nigerian Youths. YouWin stands for Youth Enterprise With Innovation In Nigeria. The program is a Private and Public initiative that finances outstanding business plans for the young, aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

While the main aim of other government social reinvestment programs are aimed to alleviate poverty or help vulnerable Nigerians who are living in object poverty, the YouWin program aims at helping those who already have business or those who have great business plan to set up irrespective of their social or political views but with the main objective which is to create jobs.

How Much Will I Be Given in YouWin connect 2021/2022

If you are able to write a good business plan that you have passion for or you are able to present a convincing business plan that is already existing then you stand a chance of winning 1 million to 10 million naira. That is good news right? Why not start writing that business Plan. If you need help with your business plan kindly use our Contact us Page.

YouWin connect Official Portal

The YouWin team maintain only one official portal which is Applicant are expected to sign up first before accessing the YouWin. there are many misleading websites that appears like the one above but you must take note of this one we stated here.

YouWin Application Requirements 2021/2022

For those who wants to know what it will take them before their application will be accepted should note the following:

  • Age: the program is only open for those who are 20 and 45 years of age.
  • Nationality : you must be a Nigerian citizen by birth
  • Business location :your business location must be in Nigeria
  • Business plan: you must have a solid business plan that is capable of providing employment for Nigerians

Businesses plan you can’t apply for YouWin connect 2021/2022

Please note that not all business plan is allow in the program. So if your business fall among this mention below kindly do apply;

  • If you are presenting a gambling business plan it won’t be accepted
  • If your business is related to the sale, repair or fabrication of weapon or anything that can cause harm don’t apply.
  • If you engage in the sale of hot drink, alcohol, beverages, tobacco don’t apply.

How To Apply For YouWin Business Plan Competition 2021/2022

This is the most interesting aspect of this article everyone has been waiting for, which is how to apply for YouWin business plan. To apply kindly follow the step listed below;

STEP 1 – REGISTER to get login details

Log on to ==>>

You will receive a confirmation email from YouWIN! with all the details you will need to log in.


Once you have successfully registered you need to Log in and click the New Business Application button on the right hand-side. Fill up the necessary details they asked you. Make it brief but try to list your points. Please as you fill don’t forget to save it at each point.

You can save your application form as you go along, and come back to it at any time. Once you are happy with your application use the Submit button on the form to send it to us. You can submit only ONE application. At the end click the submit button and await for follow up details via your mail.


After the closing date, you will be notified if you have been selected for the next stage of the competition. You can join the discussion on FacebookLinkedln, and Twitter. We will also post regular updates on the YouWiN website.

How to Access Your YouWin Account

  1. Visit the login page
  2. Enter your email address (used for the registration) and password
  3. Then click “Sign In

YouWin Registration 2021 Notice

This is the the information from the YouWin official website and it states

  • Applicant must be a Nigerian citizen
  • Applicant must be up to 20 years of age and not more than 45 years of age
  • You must have a valid means of identification.
  • Your proposed business plan or already existing one must be within Nigeria and capable of providing employment.
  • Applicant must have or present a business plan that must undergo serious scrutiny by a team of expert.

YouWin Registration 2021/2022 Closing Date

At the time of writing this article no details has been given yet. Stick around for more update or better still drop a comment below and we will get back to you shortly.

FAQs on YouWin Registration 2021

If so confused about what YouWin Connect is all about. There are still very much bordered. As a result, the page which has been officially created to deal with such question will answer FAQs such as;

If you have any question about YouWin Registration 2021, kindly use the comment section below.

YouWin Portal :| YouWin Connect

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